职位编号: 电子设计工程师:

职位性质: 全职 职位类别: 研发
所属部门: Engineering 工作地点: 上海
工作年限: 应届 学      历: 本科
语言能力: 英语 其他 专      业:
招聘数量: 2人 发布日期: 2013-10-22
1. GIS product care and product development
2. Product structure&technical clarification and support internally;
3. in charge of product technical part under Technical Lead Center audit,
in charge product transfer
4. Technical support to sales and external
5. Be responsible for technical competence and people development
6. Be responsible for coaching and developing employees;
7. Contact with ABB Technical Center in Germany and Switzerland for product structure or technical problem solving;
8. Solve technical issue and support quality resolution for company
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